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2012 PERFORMERS.......


Anders Osborne is among the most original and visionary musicians performing today. In a city overflowing with stellar artists, bands and performers, Osborne is one of the Big Easy’s favorite musical heroes. His Alligator Records debut, American Patchwork, is a moving collection of soul-baring rock, blues and ballads. Many of the songs on American Patchwork deal with healing and redemption, spirituality and acceptance. It is about rebuilding what has been destroyed, not only a ravaged city, but also a hollow man. Often compared to Townes Van Zandt, Bruce Springsteen and Van Morrison, Osborne is an exceptional and singular talent. Paste Magazine says, “Osborne has an impossibly great, soulful voice and the songs to match.” Living Blues adds, “Osborne is a songwriter of enormous depth and an incredibly passionate musician.”


Beatlemania NOW

Recapture the excitement, the mood and the frantic intensity as  Beatlemania Now performs live-on-stage, against a backdrop of stunning images which evoke memories of one the most turbulent decades of modern times... the 1960's!   



Flashback to historic moments of space exploration, protests in the streets, the raging war in Vietnam,  “Flower Power” and “Peace and Love”, in the lives and deaths of Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy, and the politics of Richard M. Nixon, as Beatlemania Now meticulously performs incredible note for note renditions of Beatles' classics from throughout their entire career, including songs the Beatles' themselves never performed outside the Recording Studios."


“Beatlemania Now” … the music transcends time and generations…
a “must see and hear” experience for all ages!


The New York Daily News says,






The Gas House Gorillas often bring the show into the audience spurring fans to sing, dance and get wild. Cutting up with each other and the crowd, the Gorillas are more than a great band, they are great entertainers as well.  The band's repertoire encompasses a broad range of styles that include Jump Blues, Gypsy Swing, early Rock & Roll, Cajun Music and even the occasional funk groove.  Artists as diverse as Wynonie Harris, Goucho Marx, Sam Cooke, Fats Waller, and Albert King all coexist in the Gorillas' musical vernacular.




Outside the Box is an original Rock and Roll band from the Jersey Shore and New York City. The band was formed in 2004 and quickly developed into one of New Jersey’s most dynamic new bands.


In 2008, the band was selected as the Stone Pony Summer House Band for the following two years. Between 2007 and 2010, OTB won Asbury Music Awards for Top Young Band, Top Blues Band, and Top Keyboardist. 




After The Reign shows absolutely no sign of slowing down. New Jersey's premier  country band has had a whirlwind schedule since last years cd release of Hillbilly Clubhouse.Playing all over the east coast they have opened shows for  such national acts as Tim McGraw, Lady Antebellum,Sara Evans,Rodney Atkins,Sawyer Brown and Josh Thompson to name just a few. They play over 60 shows a year (which consists of  3 hour non stop sets), and in between all that they  have still managed to find time to write and record new material for their sophomore release "Almost Famous" which is due out this summer. When  asked recently what the band has  in store for the future,the guys just laughed and said "a lot less sleep"! Their brand of high energy modern country music always leave their fans and listener's wanting more and to quote a line from one of their songs "If you like country music,the boys will pick into the night". After The Reign is truly maximum country music.



















Since 1990, The VooDUDES gumbo of Gulf Coast music, swamp-twisted Classic Rock, and rootsy originals has created a real Mardi Gras vibe wherever the band appears.  It's a fun, upbeat sound the appeals to a broad range of audiences whether they're dancing or listening.  And it goes down well with spicy food, a variety of beverages, and plain ol' goodtimes.




A spicy blend of the hits of today and yesterday with an explosive energy and edge not so common...refreshing, fun, and hip with a Latin -Funky Edge.


Delivering the finest in presentation, musicianship, style, and professionalism:this band has distinguished themselves from the rest.

The band's extensive repertoire spans all eras and styles, and is sure to please all your event guests. From 50's Rock and Roll, to 60's Soul and R & B, to the Disco and Funk of the 70's, Dance and Pop music of the 80's, Reggae and the greatest contemporary top 40 party hits of today!  This is high energy - class  and FUN!!




Rocker Jo Wymer at once bludgeons and seduces her audiences with her gritty and soulful songs.  In a musical landscape often dominated by youngsters, Wymer is a grownup.  She earned every one of the open, raw, and unrefined feelings in her songs – heartache, yearning, sex, lust, sin, romance, loss, and joy –and her voice promises her audiences will feel them too.  The visceral experience of hearing and watching Wymer deliver these songs with her voice, her guitar, and her hard rocking band, in one of her sweat-soaked live performances, leaves her audiences more than satisfied, yet still yearning.  She wouldn’t have it any other way.